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American Chemical Technologies, Inc.

Industries We Serve

American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) provides premium industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids to a wide range of industries including; Primary Metals, Power Generation, Marine and Compressors. We are proud to be the pioneers of polyalkylene glycol (PAG)-based synthetic lubricants, which provide unique protection for equipment and the environment, and support more profitable and sustainable operations.

Value-Added Synthetic Lubricants

Our value-added synthetic lubricants are designed to extend both equipment and fluid service-life in key industries worldwide. They also help reduce lubricant impact on workers and the environment. The circulating products we manufacture and distribute meet stringent industry standards and are produced in, and supplied from, our modern ISO 9001 registered facility. In the field, our rigorous Check-Mate sample analysis program helps end-users ensure fluids remain within specification throughout the life of the lubricant. ACT products have favorable EH&S profiles and help our customers meet government regulatory requirements.

Customer Focus

Our staff embraces “old school” customer service, driven by a company philosophy and culture that make “Pride in Personal Service” our calling card around the world. ACT’s focus on the customer includes a helpful, technically knowledgeable sales team, streamlined order process, and total technical support capabilities, including complete product conversion support to help you take full advantage of our high performance synthetic lubricant technology. This commitment has enabled ACT to earn OEM approvals and enduring customer relationships with industry leaders whose products technologies make major contributions to the world’s economy. ACT understands the vital role lubrication plays in our customers’ success and we are steadfast in our commitment to remain on the cutting-edge of lubricant technology, technical support, and personal service.

Product Support

We want your experience with our products to be successful. ACT supports its products with a full range of sales, technical, and customer service support, including information and/or assistance to help you with product selection, handling, maintenance, and disposal. Our hydraulic fluid monitoring program is designed to enable users to maintain fluid quality while monitoring the condition of all system components. Call ACT today for expert fluids and lubricants support.

Company Timeline

Founded more than 40 years ago in the United States, ACT has grown to become an international supplier of highly specialized products for industry and markets through a global network. Our commitment to advanced technology and personal service continues today as we set new standards for product performance and customer satisfaction. 

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